• February 22, 2008: Sara introduces "I Was Married" by saying marriage is not for her and is not always for everyone
  • Brighton Audience Member: Will you marry me??
  • Sara: this day and age [marriage] sort of has... a complicated set of circumstances because it's not available for everyone and I think that's sort of unfair.
  • Audience Member: So was that a yes or no?
  • Sara: No... I won't marry you.
  • Tegan: She's an ice queen, you don't want her anyway.
  • Sara: It's nothing against you personally.
  • Tegan: She doesn't want to move to England.
  • Sara: I just don't want to get into that whole, you know... I have to get you papers and then you're always at my house and I'm like, "why are you here again?" and then... you know, that kind of shit.
  • *Audience member asks Tegan to marry her*
  • Tegan: Thanks for asking. That's very nice.
  • Sara: Apparently Tegan is really into this person so perhaps they want to get married.
  • Audience Member: Tegan will you marry me?
  • Tegan: Sure.
  • Sara: God, you're like fucking Captain Kangaroo over there.
  • Tegan: No, I just think it's good for our balance... you know, you're dark, I'm light... you're bad, I'm good... you say no, I say yes... you're mean, I'm nice...
  • Sara: I have standards, you're a slut.
  • *Johnny comes to high five Sara*
  • Tegan: I'm still nice.
  • Sara: And a slut. So...
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Darcy:  “You can have Snoopy.  But the giraffe is MINE.”

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Put away your dreams

Like a lunatic

Relative who screams

She’s not even sick,

Just a little tired,

Overdue some rest,

Got herself all wired

Up and failed some test

Of her sanity

Given without her

Knowing it, you see.

So what’s the matter?

Anger, in her case,

Unable to cope.

So why not erase

Life along with hope?

Put away your dreams

Stifle them, ignore

Their insistent screams.

Go on, shut the door.

—Trina Carter

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the curtains bloom
as if clarity longs to be edged by darkness
trees put on their leaving clothes
as if suddenly aware they were long too honest
but when the laying heat becomes real
and the path spots dappled underfoot
but when the cliff sparrows fly the open loop
to that place where vertical beauty
meets horizontal adoration
I’m carrying you there
on a drift
and you’ll miss out on nevermind

title: window ; haley mcbride

(byline: She Frolics & Sees Sigh(t)s )

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tuesday in a sequence of yellow lights,
a full stop.

the sky is the road is
my journey is concrete, 
a monument to permanence
eroding, feet fall in potholes

a shuddering gray,
wait for the sign
to follow, no limits
only dotted lines.

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Beware the relationship arsonists.
Builders of matchstick houses,
weavers of violence and deceit.
“Trust me,” he’ll fill your ears
with milk and honey. Drowning
never felt so gentle and sweet.
Around him, you’ll shrink, scurry—
a mouse trapped in a minefield.
Do not wait till the first match…

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